The Drays Video 1

The Drays Live Sessions - Silver River

The Drays Video 1
John Manners

info@thedrays.com @ The Hooley! Team
January 10, 2020

The Drays Live Sessions - Silver River

Date: Jul 2016
Duration: 4:41
View Count: 722

Deep in the hidden valleys of the Slieve Bloom mountains, the Silver River (Abhainn Airgid) wends its way through the misty glades. Deer can be seen sipping its sweet waters, grey wagtails wheel and dive in the gloaming, full throated songbirds fill the evening with their melodious warbling. Then along come The Drays with this bleedin’ racket …

The Drays album ‘Look Away Down Collins Avenue’ is available on CD, Vinyl and digital.
First Camera – Colin Mulcahy
Second Camera – Paul Byrne
Editor – Paul Byrne