Simon Casey Video 2

Simon Casey & Ray Lynam - As She's Walking Away

Simon Casey Video 2
John Manners

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January 10, 2020

Simon Casey & Ray Lynam - As She's Walking Away

Date: Apr 2016
Duration: 4:00
View Count: 89321

I’m really delighted to share my new video of our new single ‘As She’s Walking Away’ featuring the legendary Ray Lynam. It’s a real honour for me to have recorded a song with Ray.
I want to thank The Sheerin Family Band who are so passionate about great Country Music and it plays out here in volumes.
I’m so proud of this single so I’d ask everyone to SHARE far and wide and let it be heard. Thank you all for your continued support, it means everything to me.
Enjoy & hope to see y’all soon. Simon

Simon Casey feat. Ray Lynam
As She’s Walking Away
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