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Inspiration | Ryan Kershaw

Ryan Kershaw Video 7
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January 10, 2020

Inspiration | Ryan Kershaw

Date: Aug 2017
Duration: 3:11
View Count: 792

“The decision to leave my home country of New Zealand was bittersweet. I had experienced both corruption and sabotage and it had sapped my creativity. My partner Sarah and I had been ripped off thousands of dollars with a VISA application and rejected due to a mix of pathetic reasons and being misinformed. On the morning we received the rejection letter, we also got a call to let us know that our shop had been broken into. Sarahs Father was going through surgery for a brain tumour, so we were both under alot of pressure and stress.

We sold everything and rehomed our beloved pets before we were rejected so the decision was made to just go – to leave NZ anyway and step into the unknown. I had written part of a song at a Tommy Emmanuel guitar camp but couldn’t finish due to feeling uninspired.

Before we left the country, my Aunty gave me a crystal that belonged to my Nana who had passed away. My Nanas death had affected me deeply, so the gift was special to me and I kept it, putting it in my suitcase for the journey to the other side the world.

After 48 hours of flying and stop overs, we finally got the place that we would stay for a week. We were both drained and exhausted. We walked into the room and Sarah said “look up. Look at the ceiling”

I looked up and there were two crystals, EXACTLY like the crystal my Aunty had given me.

Soon after, I finished the song. It’s called inspiration

Thanks Nana xx


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