Nikki Kavanagh Video 9

Nikki Kavanagh - Feels like home

Nikki Kavanagh Video 9
John Manners

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January 10, 2020

Nikki Kavanagh - Feels like home

Date: Sep 2011
Duration: 2:33
View Count: 5436

Feels like home is an amazing song that Nikki has covered & sings regularly at events & ceremonies all over Ireland and more…We chose the video to be about Beverley & The Beverley Butterfly Foundation because we love and miss our girl Bev so much that we hold an annual ball in her memory. Tickets are €100 each and its held every November, this year 2011 it is on Nov 5th, you can email us info@nikkikavanagh.com for more info and you can also make donations if you cannot make it.

We hope you see you there!
Bernadine, Owen, Wayne, Nikki, Mick & many more…