Black Bank Folk Video 1

Black Bank Folk - Lullaby

Black Bank Folk Video 1
John Manners

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January 10, 2020

Black Bank Folk - Lullaby

Date: Jan 2016
Duration: 2:53
View Count: 4426

Lullaby, from Rising, the debut Album from Black Bank Folk.
Album out 27/2/16 / Live Show @ Liberty Hall 5/3/16
Tickets at http://www.blackbankfolk.com

Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett had planned to get married on Easter Sunday, with the outbreak of fighting this plan was put on hold. After hearing of her fiancée’s scheduled execution Grace went to a Dublin city jewellers to buy a wedding ring. She persuaded British military authorities to allow the wedding to go ahead. They married in the chapel of Kilmainham Gaol hours before he faced the firing squad.

“He was so unselfish, he never thought of himself. He was not frightened – not at all, not the slightest…He was quite calm. I was never left alone with him, even after the marriage ceremony. I was brought in, and put in front of the altar; and he was brought down the steps; and the cuffs were taken off him; and the chaplain went on with the ceremony; then the cuffs were put on him again. I was not alone with him – not for a minute.I was just a few moments there to get married, and then again a few minutes to say goodbye that night; and a man stood there, with his watch in his hand, and said ‘ten minutes.'” -Grace Gifford

Black Bank Folk are a compelling new addition to the Irish music scene. On the face of it they are a brand new act but in reality their 2016 emergence has been several years in the making.The band’s debut album “Rising” sprang out of founding members John Colbert and James Sheeran’s musical upbringings and the former’s interest in investigating his great uncle Con Colbert’s role as a leader in 1916.

The album delves into the human stories of the revolution. It explores themes of suppression, love, bravery, disillusionment and the realisations of shifting realities for all those affected by the fight. It allows us consider historical figures as everyday people, whether they be Irish leaders, British soldiers, revolutionary women or children in a time of war. Aided by a powerful performance from Damien Dempsey on a song he co-wrote for the album and guest vocals from Paddy Casey, Grace O’Malley and Jem Mitchell the record promises much, there is something here for all.