Aslan Video 1

Aslan: Crazy World - In Support of The Utøya Foundation

Aslan Video 1
John Manners

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January 10, 2020

Aslan: Crazy World - In Support of The Utøya Foundation

Date: Dec 2011
Duration: 3:47
View Count: 11625

Buy Crazy World on iTunes and Help Support The Utøya Foundation http://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/crazy-world-single/id488858965

On Friday 22nd July, 69 young people were killed on Utøya Island in Norway when a lone gunman embarked on a shooting rampage. Only one week before this, Aslan performed in Bergen, Norway and touched by the tragedy that occurred, the lads are rereleasing Crazy World to support the Utøya Foundation.

“Only a week after coming back from Norway, we couldn’t believe it when we heard what had happened on Utøya. We were extremely well treated by the Norwegian people during our stay and we were completely shocked and horrified that so many young lives had been taken in such a way”.

Soon after the tragedy Aslan performed a small tribute concert in the Grand Social in Dublin. It was a very emotional night for all in attendance but the band finished the gig thinking, “what more can we do?”

“We have never done anything like this before but we felt the sentiment of Crazy World was totally apt. We wanted to do something for Utøya, for the Labour Youth to use and to aid them financially as they work to take the island back.

Crazy World will be available for download from itunes, on www.bandstand.ie/ at www.aslan.ie and on www.amazon.ie on Friday 16th December and all the proceeds will go directly to the Utøya Foundation.

This project is in cooperation with Labour Youth and the Utøya Foundation in Norway, who say
“We really appreciate what Aslan are doing for the young people of Utøya. Crazy World is a wonderful gift from Ireland and it has warmed our hearts in a dark hour for the whole

Produced by: Paul Andrews & Sven Braamark
Directed by: Daragh Murphy & Paul Andrews
Edited by: Daragh Murphy
Cameras: Daragh Murphy & Paul Andrews
Filmed at Loudroom Facilities
Special thanks to Ronan Quinn for his time and effort during pre-production
Also special thanks to Gro and her team at Utoya fondation

ITN Source/Reuters
Scanpix Norway