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Shades of Lizzy

Shades of Lizzy are a 3 piece, Dublin-based Thin Lizzy Tribute band formed in 2016. Although the band are in their infancy, they carry over 60 years experience playing clubs, pubs and venues both at home and abroad – from Vicar Street to the Viper
Rooms to name but a few. They have been gaining notoriety around the Dublin tribute scene as an explosiveand entertaining Lizzy tribute band. Their sets contain all the classics, the epics andeven some of those album gems that are rarely heard live! Playing songs from the“Whiskey in the Jar” era all the way to their last studio album, Shades of Lizzy willnot disappoint and will impress the die hard fans too.Although they are only a trio, their shows pack a mighty punch and are sure to haveeveryone shakin their bones around on their toenails! And with a set-list consistingof over two hours, you are sure to have your Lizzy addiction satisfied.While some tribute bands focus on the costumes and gimmicks, Shades of Lizzy'ssole focus is on recreating the music as accurately and faithfully to the originals aspossible. This is what they believe keeps people coming back to their shows. "If youwant scouser wigs and fake moustaches you're better off watching The HarryEnfield Show".Shades of Lizzy have been steadily increasing their fan base through pub gigs,support slots in top venues in Dublin and festivals such as West Fest in Omagh.They are now staging their own headline shows and leaving audiences wanting formore!If Shades of Lizzy are in your town, be sure to get down and check them out. AsPhilo says "The next one's the best one!"

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Created: February 13th, 2018 
Updated: January 10th, 2020