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Pump Up The Jam

Are you looking for something extra-special and different from your wedding, corporate or band entertainment? Pump Up The Jam are a 6-piece band that play the hits of the 90’s - The Spice Girls, Dee-Lite, Faithless, 2 Unlimited, The Prodigy and much more. They bring the most eclectic musical decade of all time live onstage and in costume to your event! You may have heard of Pump up the Jam before, they never fail to get both old and young racing to the dance-floor at all the events they play. You might not know that they’ve been playing at weddings for 6 years now. Their 2-hour set, amazing musical and vocal abilities, brilliant costumes and unmatched audience-interaction skills are incomparable. The optional DJ will warm-up the crowd before the band play and also after the band, if required. He'll play current hits, oldies, waltzes and classics, so you won't disappoint anybody at your party whatever their age or taste in music!

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Created: February 21st, 2017 
Updated: January 10th, 2020