Antrim 22

All musicians listed on Hooley who are based in Antrim. Click on the interactive map to access other counties!

Bronagh Broderick Featured Photo

May 2011 23.7K views 7:36
Bronagh Broderick
Folk/Pop Singers

Bronagh Broderick is a singer-songwriter and musician from Altamuskin, Co. Tyrone. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a...

Electric Octopus Featured Photo

Jun 2016 48.8K views 12:21
Electric Octopus
Indie Bands

Aptly defining themselves as an exciting new music cabal, the playfully psychedelic Electric Octopus (and their Electric...

ABQ Featured Photo

May 2018 4K views 3:38
Pop Bands

Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, ABQ are a unique proposition. Lead singer Paul Shevlin, winner of the BPI / BRIT...

No Oil Paintings Featured Photo

Jul 2016 4.4K views 4:29
No Oil Paintings
Folk/Pop Bands

No Oil Paintings are a vivacious, dynamic alternative-folk band from Belfast. Using typical folk instrumentation and...

Conchúr White Featured Photo

May 2019 794 views 3:17
Conchúr White
Folk/Pop Singers

It took Conchúr White a while to be comfortable with himself. It took him a while to understand the difference between...

Exclusive Featured Photo


Wedding Bands

A culmination of seasoned musicians with well over 1000 weddings and functions between us, Exclusive are the combination of...

Ember Trails Featured Photo

Dec 2017 594 views 4:40
Ember Trails
Rock Bands

Formed in late 2016 as a musical experimentation outlet, for the past year Ember Trails have been cascading on to Belfast’s...

Fox Colony Featured Photo

Jan 1970 views 4:40
Fox Colony
Indie Bands

One of the most promising alternative prospects to emerge from Northern Ireland in an age - Brian Coney, Drowned in Sound....

Red House Featured Photo

Nov 2017 939 views 3:05
Red House
Indie Bands

Red House are a four piece Indie Rock unit: two guitars, bass, drums and vocal. They are an exciting young band with lots of...

Runabay Band Featured Photo

Dec 2015 336 views 4:23
Runabay Band
Folk/Pop Bands

Originally coming from a couple of small rural villages in the Glens of Antrim and Belfast runabay are six musicians who...

Matua Trap Featured Photo

Jul 2015 909 views 5:38
Matua Trap
Indie Bands

Matua Trap are a trio outputting progressively tinged rock music. Hailing from Belfast in the north they released their debut...

Rory Nellis Featured Photo

Apr 2019 250 views 3:20
Rory Nellis
Folk/Pop Singers

Around 1990, a small boy saw Matthew Broderick miming to a Beatles song on a carnival float. Shortly afterwards, he started...

Bear Skin Featured Photo

Nov 2017 429 views 3:53
Bear Skin
Rock Bands

Bear Skin are an alternative rock band from Antrim, Northern Ireland, consisting of 4 friends with similar interests in...

Hand Models Featured Photo


Jan 2018 1.6K views 3:52
Hand Models
Pop Bands

Hand Models are 4 young natives of Ireland/Northern Ireland, brought together in Belfast, after they met at house gigs that...

Ferals Featured Photo

Mar 2018 1.6K views 4:47
Rock Bands

Ferals are connected to the Belfast music community but their metaphysical home is the north coast, a wind-lashed location...

Michael Cunningham Featured Photo

Oct 2017 216 views 4:17
Michael Cunningham
Folk/Pop Singers

Michael Cunningham is a Belfast singer-songwriter, released his debut album called Hidden Treasures in January 2018. It’s a...

Glass Wings Featured Photo

Apr 2017 962 views 3:52
Glass Wings
Indie Singers

You're too good to laugh at says a drunken promoter across the bar. It's a uniquely phrased point, but the music of Glass...

Emma Wallace Featured Photo

Aug 2016 1.8K views 3:18
Emma Wallace
Pop Singers

Emma Wallace is a Belfast based singer-songwriter. She has spent the last 6 years working as a TV Producer on The European...

John Andrews Featured Photo

Jun 2019 598 views 3:50
John Andrews
Funk/Soul Singers

My name is John Andrews and I am an original songwriter and performing musician from east Belfast. Playing in the styles of...

New Pagans Featured Photo


New Pagans
Funk/Soul Bands

Though the seeds of the project were sown back in starry-eyed mid-2000s, the music of Belfast-based five-piece New Pagans is...

Brand New Friend Featured Photo

Jan 2019 5.4K views 2:39
Brand New Friend
Folk/Pop Bands

brand new friend are probably one of the most uplifting prospects on the Belfast scene, they've got hints of American bands...

Wynona Bleach Featured Photo

Jan 2018 4.3K views 3:48
Wynona Bleach
Rock Bands

Wynona Bleach declared their arrival in 2018 with a song called ‘Eyes Burning’. The guitars rise up like fuzz-mountains...